Below are some frequently asked questions, and the answers to those questions.

  1. What information do you ask for when someone calls?
    When you call, you will be asked for your first name, phone number, EXACT location, county you are in, and what substance you’re using.
  2. How does this work?
    When you call, we ask for the information above. After we’ve received the info, you can go ahead and use the substance. We then stay on the phone with you while you use your substance. We ask you to let us know when you’re done, so that we can start watching the clock. We will then continue talking with you for a few minutes (usually about 10 min minimum) to be sure you’re going to be okay. If you stop responding for more than 30 – 45 seconds, we then contact EMS.
  3. Can you guarantee my safety?
    No, unfortunately, we cannot. We will do everything we can to get you help as quickly as possible , but we cannot guarantee that that help will get to you in time. This is still a very dangerous situation.
  4. Is my personal information shared with anyone?
    No, we never share your information with anyone other than EMS if we have to call 911. We DO NOT store any of your information.
  5. How can you guarantee that the police will not respond, and I end up in trouble?
    Our hope is that only EMS responds, but the truth is, we cannot guarantee that.
  6. Is this a peer run service?
    Yes, all of our volunteers are people who have personal experience with substance use disorder. They are either, people who used drugs, or parents of a child that lost their battle with addiction. We’ve all been where you are.
  7. Is this a marketing tool for a rehab?
    No, we do not accept volunteers who are employed by any treatment facility. We will not allow our service to become a fishing lure for any treatment center.
  8. Will you try to get me to go to rehab?
    No. We realize that you will only quit when you’re ready, not when we’re ready. We will never try to push you to seek treatment. If you are interested in seeking help though, we have a list of free/low cost, and state funded programs / facilities throughout the country. We will help you find whatever type of treatment you think you need, if you’re ready.
  9. Is this available 24/7?
    While we do not have any set hours, we cannot guarantee that operators will be available in the middle of the night.
  10. Are you affiliated with any law enforcement agencies?
    No, we are not affiliated with any LEA in any way.
  11. I called, but didn’t get an answer?
    Because we’re routing calls to cell phones, instead of land lines, it sometimes causes problems in the routing. We’re working on a solution for that issue. In the meantime, if you call the 800 number, and you don’t get through to an operator, you can use our backup number. That number is ‪(931) 304-9452.