Will you try to push me into going to rehab?

No. We realize that you will only quit when you’re ready, not when we’re ready. We will NEVER try to push you to seek treatment. If you are interested in seeking help though, we have a list of free/low cost, and state funded programs / facilities throughout the country. We will help you find whatever type of treatment you think you need, if/when you’re ready.

If you would like to see our treatment resources file, you can download the entire zip file by clicking here.

If you want assistance in locating a harm reduction program in your state, to help reduce the dangers of drug use, we’ll assist you with that as well. If we aren’t aware of any HR programs in your state, we usually refer callers to the Free Narcan and Harm Reduction Services page on FaceBook. They have a list of harm reduction organizations throughout the US.

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