FAQ Group: NUA Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee my safety?

No, unfortunately, we cannot. We will do everything we can to get you help as quickly as possible , but we cannot guarantee that that help will get to you in time. This is still a very dangerous situation.

If you have to contact EMS, how do you do that?

When we get a call, we ask for the info listed above. After we’ve got that info, we start googling the EMS number in your area, so that we have that ready just in case. If we do have to call EMS, we tell them that the person called our “crisis line”, and then became ….  Read More

Is this a peer run service?

Yes, all of our volunteers are people who have personal experience with substance use disorder. They are either people who use/used drugs, or parents of a child that lost their battle with addiction. We’ve all been where you are.

Is this a marketing tool for a rehab?

No, we DO NOT accept volunteers who are employed by any treatment facility. We will not allow our service to become a fishing lure for any treatment center.

Will you try to push me into going to rehab?

No. We realize that you will only quit when you’re ready, not when we’re ready. We will NEVER try to push you to seek treatment. If you are interested in seeking help though, we have a list of free/low cost, and state funded programs / facilities throughout the country. We will help you find whatever type of treatment you ….  Read More

Is this available 24/7?

While we do not have any set hours, we cannot guarantee that operators will be available in the middle of the night. We’ve brought on a few operators that take the night shift, to try and be available 24/7.