Treatment Resources

Below is a link to our treatment resources files. This is a list of free/low cost, and state funded programs/facilities throughout the US. These are all places that help people that have no insurance, or state insurance.

If you know of other options within your state, that aren't currently listed within this file, please let us know, so that we can add it to the list. Please note though, that it must be a resources that's available to people with either no insurance, or state insurance.

To download the entire zip file containing all resources,
click here.

Harm Reduction Resources

Free Narcan & Harm Reduction Services (FB Page): Find a harm reduction program in your state.

NEXT Naloxone: Free Naloxone, and training, mailed to your door, totally free!

Free Fentanyl Test Strips: This organization will mail you Fentanyl Test Strips, Free. I believe they send 6 or 7 strips, but due to high demand, they usually have a backlog.

State by State Policies: This page shows you each states policies regarding Syringe Possession, Good Samaritan Laws, and Naloxone Access.

Outreach Graphics

Business Card Sized Graphic

If you would like to print something to hand out to your participants, download the file below by clicking here. It's designed to print 8 cards on one sheet of paper.

Never Use Alone Business Cards

Flyer sized graphic

If you would like to have a flyer to put in an office, or out in your community, click here to download the flyer graphic below.

Never Use Alone Flyer

If you know of other resources that others might find useful, please click the "Suggest Resource" button on the right, to suggest a resource to be added to this page.